A few weeks ago our good buddy Gavin at The Fields Beneath came up with the genius notion of using road signs to point folks to the really important stuff- you know, like their coffee and our beer. He had a wicked coffee diversion sign made up and pointed us in the right direction to get our beer one made. Imagine our excitement when it arrived looking AWESOME! We proudly put it out on Prince Of Wales Road on Tuesday but alas, a mere four days later, someone nicked it. We are so sad 😦 We realise it was a highly nickable thing and it probably was a bit silly of us not to chain it down, but we sort of hoped that everyone is just, you know, nice. Needless to say, we’re taking to the social web to put the word out in an attempt to track it down. Please help us out by getting involved and posting a pic on your media of choice #graftonheist. FREE BEER AND MASSIVE HUGS FOR THE HERO THAT TRACKS IT DOWN!
Love from The Grafton team x

beer road sign