NW5 FOR LIFE – why ‘the little boy from Perth’ will never forget The Grafton

Here at The Grafton we treasure our regulars; they are the life blood of the place and they are what makes it feel like home. We’ve always hoped we mean a lot to you guys too.

Ashok Krishan was one regular face at The Grafton until just recently when he left the UK to go off on some travelling adventures and ultimately return to his native Australia.

Yesterday he sent us this tweet: “Free beer for life?”

Ashok's Grafton Tattoo

I SHOULD BLOODY SAY SO! Our mouths collectively hit the floor when we saw the pic and Mrs Grafton even shed a little tear. We couldn’t be more honoured.

Here Ashok tells us of his love for all things NW5 and what led him to his Grafton lion tattoo.

‘Leaving K-Town was tough as it’s like a home from home for me. It has such a great atmosphere, it’s close to town and has parks just up the road for a kick about. Of course it also has some gem pubs.

‘The Grafton was special for me, I was there before it was done up so I saw it before and after. The Sunday singalongs were brilliant, it was just a family.

‘When I left I thought, what is one of my favourite things about London and how will I never forget it? So I thought, lets get the Grafton lion tatt.

‘To me it symbolises my time in London and and the great memories I had’ 

Just. Awesome. From all of us at The Grafton we’d like to wish Ashok a fond farewell, he is a Grafton legend and we hope he has an amazing time on his travels. He’s promised to send us some pics of the Grafton lion on tour so we’ll update you guys too. To follow him yourself over on Twitter he’s at @Ashok_5386

Oh and to Ashok’s new local: we’re hard act to follow y’hear?