World Cup Fever at The Grafton

Ah, the great uniter that is The World Cup is finally here! We’re pretty excited over here so we’ve arranged lots of new facilities to make The Grafton the ultimate place to watch the games.

  • All available games shown on the big screen upstairs (7ft hi-def)
  • England games also shown on a big screen and smaller telly downstairs
  • 4-pint pitchers available so you don’t have to keep going back to the bar – lager, pimms etc
  • 1-litre wine and fizzecco carafes available so you don’t have to keep going back to the bar
  • The Boardroom is available to hire for private screenings seating up to 12-14 people
  • Our all-weather roof terrace will remain a footy-free zone all summer for those who want to escape, and remember only England games will be on downstairs
  • Authentic Texan BBQ match fuel available all summer long. In the words of Texas Joe himself- BRANG IT!
world cup grafton

Happy punters enjoying the opening match